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Urban sliding/multi stacking door
Double Glazed Sliding Doors & Stacking Doors Melbourne

The aluminium sliding doors from Eagle Aluminium are highly durable and stylishly designed products that are available in different sizes and configurations. It means that you can install them in individual residential properties, residential apartments, and commercial buildings. These custom-made doors are designed to enhance the value of your property with a visual appeal while giving a highly-secure access point to your home or office.


Features and benefits

• 92mm Framing System
• Single 5-6.38mm
• Standard configurations (XO, OXO and OXXO)
• Multistack configurations (XXO or OXXXXO)
• Highlight option available on selected configurations
• iInsect and security screening options
• Lockwood Onyx locks, including twin locking beaks
• a smart roller system with non-corrosive properties
• BAL 29 compliant

The design of our aluminium sliding doors perfectly addresses all the primary objectives of a sliding glass door. It allows maximum entry of natural light into rooms and helps to make the home or office more energy efficient. It offers maximum space for both interior and exterior applications and becomes an ideal choice for people who love effective use of space. With the exceptional thermal performance, you would also see your energy bills coming down.


Single Glazed

WindowIDFrame DescriptionGlazingDescUvalSHGC
CAS-016-01Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed5mm Clear6.20.71
CAS-016-02MK5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed5mm Energy Advantage4.30.61
CAS-016-03Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed6.38mm Comfort Plus Neutral4.30.43
CAS-016-04Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed6.38mm Laminate6.10.68
CAS-016-05Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed5mm Grey6.20.52
CAS-016-06Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed4mm EnergyTech4.30.61
CAS-016-07Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed6mm EnergyTech4.30.59
CAS-016-08Mk5B Aluminium Sliding Door - Single Glazed4mm Sunergy4.70.52


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