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Sashless Windows

Eagle Aluminium sashless windows is a modern alternative to traditional openable windows, they contain 2 panes of counterbalanced glass. Maximising airflow the ability to lock in an open position, our windows offer a secure method of ventilation, the perfect partner for evaporative cooling solutions

Our sashless windows with its sleek appearance provide uninterrupted views and save on floor space with no requirements for windows encroaching into valuable living areas.


Features & Benefits

  • Single glazed 6.38mm
  • Double glazed 16mm
  • BAL 29
  • Flyscreen
  • horizontal and vertical system
  • lock in open position
  • 100mm framing

ENERGY/ Double glazing

Do you want to contribute to nature and create an energy-efficient home? We can help you to reduce the energy bills of your home using smart double window glazing option. The additional layer of windowpane will insulate the door further and works great against heat loss during winter.

There are many ways to conserve and manage energy in the home without compromising on certain lifestyle necessities and luxuries. One of the main ways to save money and energy is to properly insulate the home – this includes all windows and doors. If a home is better insulated against the elements it will be cheaper and quicker to heat and cool when needed, thus reducing energy use and money spent on climate control.