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Urban Awning Window
Double Glazed Awnings Melbourne

Awning windows are a trendsetter across the world to improve the aesthetic and contemporary feel of a home. These windows are known for producing a sturdy performance with its open-outward design. Eagle Aluminium provides an excellent range of Aluminium awning windows with customization options in terms of colour, size, screens and configuration. The sturdy sashes produce better weather tightness and offer improved climate control inside the home. Our windows are coming with fully enclosed chain winder and produce secure locking.

Since the windows are opening from the bottom with hinges on top, it offers all-year ventilation even during the rainy season. The awning windows are designed to produce no water leakage into the property with its design. It means that you get chances to enjoy fresh air at your home or office even during rainy seasons.


Features & Benefits

  • 55mm frame
  • Single glazed 4-6mm
  • Double glazed 14 & 16mm
  • Whitco Lockable winders
  • Flyscreen screen
  • BAL 29
  • Modern flat sash profile

ENERGY/ Double glazing

At Eagle Aluminium, we make extra efforts to enhance the functionalities of the windows we produce. You can choose optional double glazing to enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office. It is also a great option to block noise pollution if you are living in a busy suburb.There are many ways to conserve and manage energy in the home without compromising on certain lifestyle necessities and luxuries. One of the main ways to save money and energy is to properly insulate the home – this includes all windows and doors. If a home is better insulated against the elements it will be cheaper and quicker to heat and cool when needed, thus reducing energy use and money spent on climate control.The easiest way to achieve an energy efficient window is with GLAZING. Eagle Aluminium windows and doors can be glazed in a variety of glass to improve its performance with either low e glazing or double glazing.


Single Glazed

WindowIDFrame DescriptionGlazingDescUvalSHGC
CAS-012-01Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Single Glazed3mm Clear6.60.65
CAS-012-03Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Single Glazed6.38mm Comfort Plus Neutral50.4
CAS-012-04Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Single Glazed6.38mm Laminate6.40.6
CAS-012-05Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Single Glazed5mm Grey6.50.47
CAS-012-06Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Single Glazed4mm EnergyTech50.55
CAS-012-07Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Single Glazed6mm EnergyTech50.53


Double Glazed

WindowIDFrame DescriptionGlazingDescUvalSHGC
CAS-005-02Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed3mm Clear / 10mm Air Gap / 3mm Clear4.20.58
CAS-005-04Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed6.38mm ComfortPlus Clear / 6mm Air Gap / 4mm Clear40.47
CAS-005-05Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed4mm Clear / 6mm Argon Gap / 4mm Clear4.30.57
CAS-005-06Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed5mm Grey / 6mm Air Gap / 5mm Clear4.40.39
CAS-005-07Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed4mm Energy Tech / 8mm Air Gap / 4mm Clear3.80.49
CAS-005-08Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed4mm Energy Advantage / 8mm Argon Gap / 4mm Grey3.60.49
CAS-005-10Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double Glazed4mm EnergyTech / 8mm Argon Gap / 4mm Grey3.60.46
CAS-005-14Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double GlazedViridian LightBridge Clear S0 4/8/43.40.44
CAS-005-15Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double GlazedViridian LightBridge Grey S0 4/8/43.40.32
CAS-005-18Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double GlazedAGG Insulglass Plus Clr 4/10Ar/43.30.43
CAS-005-19Mk10 Aluminium Awning Window - Double GlazedAGG Insulglass Select Clr 4/10Ar/43.50.49


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