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What are French Doors and Will they Suit My Home?


The French have a history of producing classy and sophisticated interior design; albeit much of it borrowed from the Italians. Such is the case with what we now call French doors. These window/door hybrids were developed in 17th century France – the unintentional by-product of a war with Italy. The victorious French soldiers returned home inspired by Italian Renaissance style architecture and the French door was subsequently born…But what exactly are French doors and would they work in your home?

To understand what makes a French door; let’s go back to Italian Renaissance Style for one more second…

The French Door’s Renaissance Origins

The Renaissance style emphasised symmetry, geometry and natural light. French doors are a perfect example of the best of this style as (traditionally speaking) they are defined by: 

  • Symmetry – French doors are traditionally hinged double doors which open outwards in perfect symmetry
  • Geometry – The original French door was essentially a series of small glass windows held together by wooden frames known as mullions. This created a pattern of squares bordered by thicker timber frames. While French doors today can easily be made with one pane of glass only, often timber frames are criss-crossed over the top of the single pane to recreate the original geometric design
  • Light - French door design is all about letting in light; they are essentially a ‘window you can walk through’ and a key purpose of their creation was to provide additional light to households, which lacked electricity at the time

French Doors Today

As we’ve alluded to above, the definition of a French door has expanded over time. Nowadays if you have glass hinged doors and the glass is bordered by an opaque material, there’s a good chance it’s considered a French door. This is regardless of whether the door features individual glass panels; or just one single pane, or whether you have a pair of hinged doors or just a single door. French doors are also installed nowadays as external and internal doors. Regardless of modern variations on the French door the style remains popular appeal due to its beauty, elegance and practicality.

Will French Doors Suit Your Home?

French doors today come in such a wide range of designs and materials, it would be almost impossible not to find a good match for your home. If you’re in the process of deciding what style of doors would work best in your house, this list of the benefits of French doors might help you make up your mind!

  • French doors help create a sense of spaciousness and freedom by blurring the line between inside and outside
  • They can vastly increase the amount of natural light and fresh air flowing into your home’s interior
  • They can be designed to fit any space – while French doors were traditionally hinged double doors, modern variations include sliding and louvered French doors
  • They are created with energy efficiency in mind with options like dual pane glass and glazing available

For durable and stylish French doors, contact Eagle Aluminium today.