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Top five reasons you need double-glazed windows


Ever since double-glazed windows were created, they have been the hype of the industry - and for good reason.  However, while some property managers are rushing to install them, others are reluctant to buy them, despite the pick up on trends within the market.

So what exactly makes them so appealing, and why should you jump on the bandwagon? In this post, we outline five different benefits of installing double-glazed windows within your property.


  1. Noise reduction

Those who live near a train station, airport, shopping centre or busy highway will understand all too well the value of noise reduction. Double glazing provides an extra layer of protection against sound when you need it most.

Essentially, the thicker the window is, the less sound can pass through. It works both ways, too; members of the public who are passing by won't be able to hear conversations going on internally, either.


  1. Climate control

Living in Australia means being subject to a variety of versatile climates (to say the least). Further north, this could mean extreme heat and tropic-like weather patterns, while down south, there may be snow and chillier temperatures.

Double glazing your windows allows for ultimate thermal resistance to outside temperatures, while the split between the two panels works as an additional layer of insulation. This effectively blocks out extreme climates all-year-round.

Pro tip: Windows like this also offer the ability to ward off annoying condensation. When they’re cooler than the air inside the house, droplets often appear, and moisture can form. All of this – in time – can lead to mould, mildew or other areas of concern (even relating to your health).


  1. Energy savings

Further to the point of climate control, less variation in temperature means that a less hefty energy bill - and that's always a relief. Best of all, it's also beneficial for the environment and for your bank account.


  1. Security

In the modern era, many homeowners consider additional security options for their dwelling. While most people are quick to add confusing locking systems to their doors, or expensive surveillance cameras to their walls,  protective windows usually go unheard of.

Double-glazed sliding doors are highly difficult to smash or break, making them an effective shield for a number of purposes. Beyond this, they make for an aesthetically pleasing option for renovators, providing plenty of curb appeal.


  1. Enhanced property value

Speaking of curb appeal, a big upside is that these nifty inventions can also significantly increase the value of your property. With climates becoming more extreme year on year, and the need for security continues to climb in demand, buyers typically seek solutions to combat all of this.  Typically, buyers are also willing to pay more for properties that are backed by double glazing, while investors also reap the benefits.

Once installed, the advantages are immediate and undeniable.  If you're not sure where to start, we highly recommend getting in touch with the team at Eagle Aluminum to find out more.