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This Is What Happens if You Never Clean Your Home Windows


What is the first thing you notice when you go to a friend's or relative's house? For us, its windows. Clean windows are the gateway to seeing how disciplined someone is and how important cleanliness is for them. Imagine being in a room with a huge window that overlooks a beautiful garden. It would look magical if only the window did not have so many smudged stains.

There are many benefits of cleaning your home windows regularly. These include improved comfort to a better overall appearance. Here is what happens when you do not clean your home windows regularly:


No Natural Light

Not cleaning your windows regularly means that natural light does not enter into your home. Over time, the glass in windows tends to become dull. This is because contaminants, such as oxidation, hard mineral, acid rain, pain, pollution, and spray accumulate on the glass, preventing natural light from entering the home. This is why your rooms might look dark and gloomy despite having big windows.

Cleaning your windows every day will help remove excess contaminants and pollutants that have been stuck on the glass. Once natural light is able to penetrate indoors, your home will thrive by looking more comfortable and appealing. Did you know that working close to a window can boost energy levels?


Growth of Allergen

When dust, dirt, and grime gather on windows, you run the risk of allergy reactions. The growth of allergen is responsible for allergic reactions, skin problems, breathing problems, and respiratory issues. Not only are you risking your health, but you are also risking the health and wellbeing of your family members and any friend or relatives who visits your home.

A good option would be to hire a professional window cleaning service that will clean your windows regularly. Not only will this save you trouble and effort, but you can ensure having clean windows every day and be rid of the fear of allergies.


No Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to regulate calcium and maintain phosphorus in your blood. Without these, you would not have healthy bones. Vitamin D also allows the intestines to store and absorb calcium, otherwise excreted by the kidneys. The most convenient way of exposing yourself to sunlight is by sitting next to a big window during the day. However, how can you do this if your windows are dirty and do not allow sunlight to penetrate your home fully?

Cleaning your windows every single day will ensure a steady supply of sunlight, allowing your body to synthesize vitamin D more efficiently.


Looking to Replace Existing Windows?

Studies show that windows that are cleaned regularly last longer than ones that are not. Different environmental factors, such as hard water, oxidation, and acid cause the glass to become weaker and eventually break down.

If you notice that the windows in your house have become weak, it is best to replace them as soon as possible. Contact us today for the best quality windows.