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So What Exactly Are Casement Windows?


The right windows in your house allow for a beautiful cross breeze and an unobstructed view of what’s outside when they’re open. Many interior decorators and home owners have been switching to casement windows lately. Read on as we look at the basic structure of a casement window and the benefits of installing them in your house.


What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are hinged from one side and open outwards. They may be secured with a lock handle or a latch, although most modern designs feature a handle. Since they open completely, casement windows are installed for two main reasons: to allow for proper ventilation, especially in the hottest parts of the house such as the kitchen, and because they provide a clear outside view when opened.


Pros of Installing Casement Windows

  • Since they open/close completely, casement windows are much easier to clean than sliding ones.
  • Casement windows shut with a very tight seal keeping dust and cold breezes out of your house. In fact, if there is a strong breeze, it will press up against the window and only cause it to seal more tightly.
  • They can be used in both modern houses and vintage style designs.

Casement windows have been popular since old English times and in French architecture. French-style casement windows are divided into two casements that meet in the centre and open in opposite directions.


Selecting the Right Casement Window for Your House

Casement windows are generally made of wood and you can select the type of wood based on your budget, the overall look and finish you want and how durable you want the window to be. The type of wood you select also depends on the type of woodwork on the rest of your house.

The finish you select for your casement windows depends on your personal preference and the overall look of your house. A rough wood finish, complete lacquered finish or a partial finish may be chosen. Your contractor will advise you on the best finish to ensure that it’s weather-resistant and durable and matches your house’s landscaping.


Installing Casement Windows in Your House

Before you install casements windows, be careful of the location. Casement windows that open out towards a walking path or a driveway may become a hazard during parking or for people walking by. They are better suited for higher floors and back windows, such as the kitchen, so that they can be kept open without being an obstruction for anyone.

Depending on whether you’re designing a modern, minimalist house or a vintage, European inspired space, you can install casement windows of different types.

To install casement windows in your home and to find out the different options that match your vision and your budget, reach out to Eagle Aluminium.