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If your window is cracked, do not delay. Get it replaced immediately or repaired if possible


My friend came home after work one night and discovered their neighbour had been very kind and mowed their lawn for them. “What lovely neighbours I have,” she thought. “How lucky am I?”

Then she went inside.

Unfortunately, in the process of their kindly-meant act, the neighbour’s ride-on mower had unwittingly thrown stones from a nearby gravel path up into my friend’s huge picture window, cracking it in a diagonal direction from the bottom left corner. It wasn’t a super long crack, and there were a few chips made by spraying stones that didn’t look too serious.

It was after hours, so she decided not to call a glazier straight away – even though a storm was predicted that night – hoping to save after hours call out fees on what was likely to be a huge replacement fee. She simply taped what she could – very carefully – and set about her evening business.

Big mistake! If she had called in an emergency window glazing service immediately, she would have averted further disaster.

During the night, driving rains put extra pressure on the huge window, elongating the crack to the extent that it shattered completely it in the early hours of the morning. Our friend’s living area was totally flooded, and all their beautiful designer furniture, carpets and lighting water damaged.

What began as a smallish calamity became a massive repair job and a huge headache. It took weeks for the carpet alone to dry.

Here’s what an emergency window glazing service would have done, had my friend called sooner. It’s an object lesson in why you shouldn’t delay repairing a cracked window – ever.

  • The emergency service would have attended her home as soon as possible, probably boarding up the broken window properly, so everything was secure before the storm hit. This would have given her immediate peace of mind plus time to consider next steps and consolidate her finances for the repair job.

Leaving the crack until later exposed my friend to all sorts of security issues. Burglars or intruders could have entered easily. So could pests and animals, posing a potentially problematic hazard to her family. Worse, she or her children could have been present when the window shattered and sustained a nasty injury.

  • Calling sooner might have meant she didn’t have to replace the entire window. The smaller crack may have been able to be patched as an interim measure, repairing and strengthening it before it had a chance to get bigger. The same goes for the chips.

By not having it repaired at the right time, my friend made window replacement a necessity. Of course, the glazier would have also explained that a repaired window isn’t quite as strong as a complete window – it can’t withstand the same temperature changes and pressure.

When my friend was ready (after getting a quote for insurance purposes), the glazier came back with the necessary equipment and glass to replace the picture window. On his expert advice, she opted at this stage to replace it with toughened glass or double glazing to strengthen it should anything like this happen again.