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How to Tell if You Have Good Quality Windows in Your Home


Windows can affect your home's overall aesthetics, which is why they're usually the first things that people invest in when they're renovating their homes. However, good-quality windows don't come cheap. They're a major investment that not all homeowners are willing to make.

If you just bought a new home and you're planning to revamp it, you may be concerned about the cost of getting new windows. But if the quality of windows that are already installed is superior, you don't really have to incur that cost.

But how can you tell if the windows installed in your new home are of good quality? Well, several factors can indicate the quality of the windows. Let's have a look at the signs of good quality windows.

Quality of the Frame

The quality of the window frame material tells you a lot about the quality of windows. The very first sign that you've got good quality windows installed in your home is that the frame will be made of durable material. Window frames can be made of wood, aluminium, fibreglass, vinyl, a combination of different materials, or composite material. The best material is vinyl; it's durable, attractive, and affordable.

Window Panes

The best windows have got double or triple-pane windows, with air or inert gas-filled in between the glass panes. If the windows in your home are double or triple-paned, there's no need to replace them because you already have got the best ones in place. Double and triple-pane windows are excellent heat insulators. They help you keep your energy bills in check.

Fills and Spacers

If your home has got double or triple pane windows, you're already in a good position. However, the type of filler or spacer filled between the window panes can tell a lot about the quality. Fillers like argon and krypton are excellent insulators of heat that can reduce the loss and gain of heat in winters and summers, keeping your home feeling comfortable. If there are spacers between the window panes, your windows will last a very long time. Spacers prevent the contraction and expansion of the windows and create an efficient moisture barrier. They also seal the gas fillers, ensuring that the windows don't lose their insulation efficiency.

Smooth Opening and Closing

Another way to evaluate the quality of windows in your home is to see how smoothly the windows open and close. Good quality windows open and close smoothly and won't make any noise.

If your new home has good quality windows already installed, consider yourself fortunate because you just saved several hundred dollars. Good quality windows don't come cheap. They're more expensive than the regular windows, but they're every bit worth it.

If you don't think the quality of windows in your home is satisfactory, get in touch with Eagle Aluminium and get the best quality windows installed in your home today.