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How to make the right choice when it comes to your next window supplier


The windows you choose for your next home project can make or break your design. They’re certainly one of the most expensive elements of your build or renovation and there’s a lot of things you should consider before deciding on a final purchase – not least being your window supplier.


Like any purchasing decision, choosing the right windows for your new place requires careful consideration. It’s time to think about what style and design you like the most, what will be the best choice for energy efficiency to reduce your heating/cooling bills, how long your product is supposed to last and whether your window installation fits with regulation and more importantly, your budget.


The first questions to ask yourself are:


  1. What is your home’s key style? What style of building are you designing? Is it a classic and traditional Victorian home or a sleek and contemporary studio apartment? You’ll need to source windows that match.
  2. What kind of windows do you want for your home? Do you want more window than wall, so you can make the most of the view? Are you replacing or renovating existing heritage windows and need a match or do you have carte blanche to choose whatever suits your individual style? The windows are influenced by the layout of each room and the shape and design of your home itself. This is most important to remember when choosing your windows to fit interior and exterior finishes. Your classic old cottage would look ridiculous with a large open paned window stuck into stone walls.
  3. Add more questions using the material below. Building codes and Australian standards require different glass for different windows, depending on height above ground and usage. Regulations are generally related to the windows’ ability to withstand impact and breakage. You should check the current codes before embarking on your next home reno project.
  4. Energy efficiency. If you live in a cold or hot climate, is energy efficiency a particular issue? With electricity prices on the rise and the hot Aussie summer just around the corner, energy efficiency and thermal performance are now high on your list of priorities when it comes to renovating or building a new home. Make sure you consider your window’s glazing; it could save you some serious bucks in the long run.


How the right window supplier can help.

Window suppliers come in as many shapes and sizes as windows. Well, not literally, but you’ll want to do some research to find the right supplier to meet your renovation or new homebuilding needs.


  1. Compare quotes between suppliers and match this with order and lead-in times for the most cost-effective and timely delivery for your next window project. Often new builds are held up by slow lead times for custom windows.
  2. Check the fine print. When choosing your next supplier, it’s also important to do some research on how each company acts in terms of selling, the products offered, installation and the guarantees they offer. You don’t want to be caught up short if you discover faults in your windows down the line.
  3. Find someone knowledgeable. You don’t have time to be a window expert – that’s what a great window supplier is for. You want someone who can give you the relative pros and cons of different models in plain English so you can make an informed decision.
  4. Look for suppliers who go that extra mile. Building and renovating is stressful. Try to find a window supplier that won’t add to your already heavy load. Look for suppliers that prioritise customer service and don’t go AWOL when you need them most.