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Cheap Doors are no good for Many Reasons!


When you venture out to buy doors for your home, try not to fall into the sham that is ‘cheap doors.’ Cheap doors may only be good for your pocket, and that also for only a short while. After some time, cheap doors start cracking and creaking, asking for unwarranted TLC (tender love and care). If you install cheap doors in your house, you’ll have to spend money to save them from disintegrating after only a few months of installation.

Cheap doors may seem too enticing to ignore. When you visit a store, doors with small price tags attract you the most because of the oh-so-reasonable cost. But that’s nothing more than a gimmick. A cheap door typically uses low-quality building material that lacks finish and structural integrity. If you get one, you’ll find sooner than later that the door doesn’t fit correctly and gets easily warped too. And the worst bit is that just a little pressure and the door comes loose at the hinges. To avoid such mishaps, it’s better that you don’t fall for cheap doors.

Here are four indisputable reasons (explained in detail) why you should always ignore cheap doors for your house.

It’s Too Good to Be True!

When you see a small price tag, your mind will flash red, indicating that it’s too good to be true. But then you’ll convince yourself that it seems pretty reasonable and buy it only to regret later. A cheap door is prone to wear-and-tear. After only a few weeks on installation, you’ll start noticing defects here and there. To mend those flaws, you will have to spend those dollars that you initially saved when you bought the door.

So basically, you don’t gain much by saving a few dollars because, ultimately, you lose them with the added mental and physical hassle.

Cheap Doors are easily warped

Cracking and creaking can be ignored for some time, but warping cannot be left unattended. A warped corner hampers the movement of a door. Having a warped door means, you’ll have trouble opening and closing it because of the defected structure.

Cheap Doors can easily snap off the Hinges

In the excitement of saving some dollars, you might ignore the possibility of the door coming loose at the hinges. But it happens, mate! A cheap door can quickly become loose at the hinges and snap off wreaking havoc. It can be dangerous for the people around you while being a burden on your wallet.

Cheap Front Doors can Compromise your Safety

Having cheap bathroom doors or bedroom doors may not be a threat to your safety. But having a cheap front door can compromise your security. It’s easily breakable, which makes entering the house quick and highly possible. It may be okay to compromise on the quality or the look of a door, but it’s not okay to compromise on your safety. Don’t but cheap front doors because then you are putting yourself and your family in jeopardy.


Cheap doors are not suitable for your house or your bank account. Always spend on the right quality doors because they are safe, robust, and durable.