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Avoid Placing These Household Items Near Windows


A living room with a large window is indeed a beautiful thing to behold. It gives your room an unobstructed view of the outside world and makes your living room appear more spacious. And to enhance the look of your living room or bedroom with a large window, you may want to place household items around the classic centrepiece in your house.

But do you know that several household items should never be placed near your home windows? Let’s look at four everyday household items that you should avoid placing near your windows.

Your Bed

It is a widespread practice to place the bed right under the window. But we recommend otherwise. A bed right under your window can disrupt your sleep cycles. Noise, light, and other distractions from the window can negatively affect your sleep quality. Therefore, it is best to avoid placing your bed near the windows. Instead, it is a good idea to place your bed against a windowless wall so you can minimise the adverse effects of placing your bed near the window.

The Refrigerator

Another common household item that people prefer to place near their home windows is a refrigerator. Again, it is one of those household items that you should avoid placing near windows. Instead, it is best to place your refrigerator away from all the heat sources, including your windows. It is particularly important if you live in a sunny zone. The excessive heat from the outdoors can affect your refrigerator's efficiency that can reflect in higher utility bills, and may cause your refrigerator to wear out soon.


Television is often an integral part of a living room, and many people struggle with the placement of their televisions, especially if there are several windows in the room. As a rule, it is best to avoid placing your television in front of the window. Moreover, you should also not place your television right across the window as it can result in glare. 

Instead, it is a better idea to note the direction of natural light coming in from your windows and then decide where to install your television.

Your Work Desk

With work-from-home arrangements becoming the new normal, almost every household is struggling to fit in a work desk at home. While setting up your work station near the window may seem appealing as it gives you an outside view and a break from constant screen time. But it is best to avoid placing your work desk near the window.

The moisture, dust, heat from sunlight, and air may damage your sensitive equipment, including your computer or laptop. So it is best to set up your work station away from the window.


Your home windows are an elegant feature of your home. An appropriate window that complements your room size not only keeps your room and home ventilated but also adds to the look and beauty of your home. By avoiding the placement of certain household items, you can keep your appliances in good shape without compromising on the beauty of your rooms.

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