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Windows. Something as basic as a large of glass can have a big impact on the design of your home.


Waking up in the morning to glorious views of waves crashing against the bank of rocks; stretching as you rise from your cosy bed to see the birds hovering above the mountains – the luxury of a good view is only as good as the window that frames it.


As you sift through available properties on the market today, you’ll be matched with an assortment of similar descriptions and features. Among them is the popular and cherished factor of having large, open windows that allow for natural light and plenty of scenic views.


Long gone are the days of small windows that don’t offer the touches of contemporary design. So in this post, we’re putting forward all of the many influences these glass-like features can have on your property.


They promote lots of natural lighting


We’re not all that different from plants; we thrive on natural light and need it both mentally and physically. A good source of it can actually have a significant impact on our health, not to mention the surroundings we’re living in. Windows are your primary source for this, so opting for large, roomy versions allow your home to grab every inch of those rays that it can.


They create the feeling of more space


Whether you’re an interior designer, architect or just a homeowner, planning out your room is half the fun. Creating space can be done by establishing tall ceilings and windows that sit high above the ground. This gives off a voluminous vibe and allows for the sunlight to filter through to the floor easily.


There’s the option of ceiling views


If you want to do more with all of the natural light you have available, skylights are the perfect addition to interior design concepts of all kinds. Allowing for privacy but an additional way to get more brightness into space, skylights are ideal for rooms that typically don’t have a lot of space for windows on the other existing walls. They’re also perfect as a standalone design feature and there’s plenty of varieties on the market these days to choose from


You can choose your level of opacity


We all know that privacy is on top of the priority list when it comes to bathrooms and toilet areas, but natural light is also something we tend to crave in these spaces. So, get the best of both worlds by experimenting with translucent glass and opaque options, both of which are available in a variety of specifications.


They give you the chance to experiment with shapes


If your room needs more flair to it (or you’re in the planning stages of your home building journey), add more definition into your space with a mix of window shapes. There’s no need to stick to one uniform option across the board – get creative and find what works. Observe what catches your eye and take advantage of the views around you.


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