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Never opt for the cheapest windows option! Here's why…


Whether you’re building or renovating a new home, or going through the creation of a brand-new office, it can be tempting to opt for the most cost-effective option when it comes to the windows.

However, the emphasis really does need to be on effectiveness. When the safety of your family and/or employees is at stake, it doesn’t pay to compromise.

So, let’s look at the important reasons why you should never choose the path of the cheapest option on the market.

Prevent Injury with Quality Windows

Cheap windows are usually made of thin glass, which can shatter easily on impact.

If you have kids, an errant cricket ball can easily rocket through a window and cause a dangerous fall out, with bad cuts or worse the likely outcome from broken glass.

Likewise, sliding glass doors can be an extreme hazard for kids who are running amok or playing a game of catch. If you’ve installed doors made of cheap materials, there's the likelihood of someone plummeting straight through, potentially causing injury not only to themselves, but to those around them.

Protect Against Extreme Weather

Depending on your location, your house or office building may need to weather tough conditions, such as high winds or hammering rain.

For example, homes in North Queensland are recommended to have cyclone-proof windows. While these don’t come cheap, they have a much better chance of protecting your family when Mother Nature turns extreme.

Laminated glass has a bond between the panels and the internal layer of the window, which will both absorb accidental impact and help resist strong winds.

If the glass does happen to break, the shards remain stuck to that interlayer, rather than breaking into thousands of dangerous pieces. While it doesn’t completely prevent the risk, it can help to mitigate it.

Also, if you live in a hot and sunny region, you may wish to consider installing options that have UV protection built in. Specially-tinted windows can block most UVA and UVB rays – which is always a bonus.

Increase Your Home’s Security

Another key reason to make sure you don’t opt for cheaply made products is that they can be a huge security risk. Not only do your lock mechanisms need to be forceful, you need to make it difficult for a potential burglar to gain entry by smashing the glass.

If your windows are made of reinforced materials, it is much harder to break in, increasing the likelihood that a criminal will move onto easier pickings.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can versions that are 20 times harder to break than the cheapest kind. You can then double down with security screens to ensure the safety of your family or your office premises.

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