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Top 4 Reasons Why It's Best to Source Your Windows and Doors Locally

  One of the most common home improvement projects that homeowners invest in is replacing the windows and doors of their house. It's quite a cost-effective way of upgrading a house and improving...

How to Tell if You Have Good Quality Windows in Your Home

Windows can affect your home's overall aesthetics, which is why they're usually the first things that people invest in when they're renovating their homes. However, good-quality windows don't come...

Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows

Are you looking for doors and windows for your new home? Or are you planning to upgrade your existing installations? Then you would surely need to look beyond aesthetics. Some critical factors that yo...

Don’t Slam Your Doors for These Obvious Reasons

Slamming doors can have a lot of negative consequences. The constant slamming can take a toll on the door over time and leave you wondering what went wrong – especially if you routinely apply...

Avoid Placing These Household Items Near Windows

A living room with a large window is indeed a beautiful thing to behold. It gives your room an unobstructed view of the outside world and makes your living room appear more spacious. And to enhance...

Top Benefits of Awning Windows

If you need replacement windows that can upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your home while adding value to it, then look no further than awning windows. Awning windows allow more natural light and...

Best Way to Clean Your Windows Without Buying an Expensive Window Cleaner

"For years, I have struggled to maintain a streak-free, clean window exterior. From expensive store-bought window cleaners to simple homemade concoctions, I have tried them all, but nothing seems to b...

This Is What Happens if You Never Clean Your Home Windows

What is the first thing you notice when you go to a friend's or relative's house? For us, its windows. Clean windows are the gateway to seeing how disciplined someone is and how important cleanliness...

So What Exactly Are Casement Windows?

The right windows in your house allow for a beautiful cross breeze and an unobstructed view of what’s outside when they’re open. Many interior decorators and home owners have been switching to...

What Type of Windows Will Be Best for Your New Home?

Building a new home is super exciting. You get the chance to release that inner creativity and build something aesthetically pleasing and durable, something that is cost-effective and your family can...