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Windows Range

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows - Proven, Reliable, Stylish and Secure Eagle Aluminium…
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Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Awning Windows Eagle Aluminium awning windows are a perennial favourite…
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Platinum Casement Windows

Platinum Casement Windows

Platinum Casement Inspire a living space with platinum high performance…
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Platinum Awning Windows

Platinum Awning Windows

Platinum Awning An attractive and modern aesthetic characterises Eagle Aluminium…
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950 Sliding Window

950 Sliding Window

950 Series Eagle Aluminium high performance sliding windows are designed…
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Eagle Aluminium offers a selection of sliding windows, aluminium window frame designs and styles to suit Melbourne homes.

We also believe that our aluminium windows are a key feature to the look of a house, especially as they allow air and light to venture into the living space.

Sliding Windows

Suitable for smaller domestic residences where space is limited but the need to let the outdoors in is still important. Aluminium sliding windows are stylish, affordable, functional, and they can be made to fit most spaces.

Awning Windows

An aluminium window frame designed for awning use allow in a great deal of natural light, but can also block out this light for parts of a home or building that get excessive sun. Combined with double-glazing or tinting, this can dramatically reduce a home’s heating and cooling costs.

Bay Windows

A great way to add extra space, storage, light and function into part of the house, bay window features are always great to have in the home.

Casement Windows

Casement designs maximise light but work well in tight spaces. Their tall and slender aluminium window frame design enables a great deal of light and air to pass through in corridors, bedrooms and living spaces.

Platinum Casement

A higher level of style and functionality than our domestic casement designs, the platinum casement option is more suitable to commercial properties and rooms where more light can be used. The aluminium window frame design will complement all homes and can work in different ways in different rooms.

Architectural Windows

For those who are looking to have unique window designs in the home, our architectural team is experienced in finding a design that complement existing architectural plans and the desired aesthetic without breaking the budget. Check our product gallery to see some of our past achievements.

Sashless Windows

This design provides less panelling without the restriction of large panes of glass and excessive aluminium window frame dividing the glass. Opening a window is easy and the light will stream in beautifully.

Capral 950 Series Sliding Windows

The 950 Series is an ultra high performance, architectural window series that is easy to use and maintain. Subtle and easy to use, these aluminium sliding windows are designed for clean and modern settings where only the best will do.

For any further information on Eagle Aluminium’s range of windows, or to get a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us today 03 9758 5411 or online.