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Aluminium Window Range

Welcome to the window section of Eagle Aluminium! We provide an exciting range of aluminium windows to the residents and businesses of Melbourne that offer your home and office an affluent feel and a number of benefits. With high-quality making, our windows deliver excellent durability.

To help you with our wide selection, we are always expanding our window range and searching for ways for how we can positively contribute to various aspects of your home. Eagle Aluminium has nearly three decades of experience in providing customised window solutions and trusted service to the people.

Our Window Range

As a premium bay windows maker based in Melbourne, Eagle Aluminium design and supply different types of windows that can enhance the architecture of homes and offices. We design our windows by keeping excellent access of air and natural light into the buildings wherever the windows are installed.

  • Sliding windows are an ideal option for small houses that appreciate the outdoors.
  • Awning windows are for people who need window options with weatherproofing and think for better safety and security.
  • Bay windows are for people who need extra space and more lighting. Casement windows are an excellent choice for people have tight spacing issues but need maximum lighting.
  • Architectural windows are unique windows that complement the existing architecture plans.
  • 950 series sliding windows are a type of architectural windows that are easy to maintain and use.
  • Sashless windows are for people who need large panes of glasses with fewer frames to divide the glasses.

Benefits of Choosing Our Window Range

High-Quality Make and Excellent Durability

We source and use high-quality aluminium, glass, and other materials to make each of our window products. You can also expect sturdy hardware from us that ensures advanced safety and security. Apart from that, we also follow stringent quality levels throughout our making process. Therefore, each of our products comes out with the highest quality available on the market and ensures excellent durability with high corrosion resistance qualities.

Customisation Options

We comprehend the unique requirements different people have, including design, lifestyle, application, and budget. Customised products address your specific needs. You can find each of our products in different colours, configuration, sizes, and more.

Stylish Design and High Aesthetic Appeal

Though each of our windows showcases different characteristics and benefits, we focus on the appeal it adds to your properties. This is the reason you find more finishes and range of colours for the windows we produce. We also design and produce architectural windows that can fit your unique requirements.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

You will find our windows easy to install and maintain. The mitred corners, mechanical cleats, and other features of our windows make installation and cleaning jobs for windows easy. Also, the alignment chevrons of the windows are designed to help you to perfectly clean the windows.

Call Us Today with Your Requirements

We design our windows not just to ensure natural light and ventilation, but to add positive energy to your home. Call us today at (03) 9758 5411 to know more about our window range and the options we provide. You can also connect with us online with your questions.