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Sliding Windows

Sliding Doors

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a highly popular choice for most people due to the limited exterior hardware required and improved lighting for the interior. At Eagle Aluminium, we offer trendy sliding windows that can ensure stylish look for the houses and commercial buildings of Melbourne. In general, sliding windows are known for producing a number of benefits compared to other types of window.

They are low maintenance, provide excellent durability, ease of use, and are energy efficient through better lighting. Apart from that, the aluminium sliding windows from Eagle Aluminium provides some unique benefits to all its customers.

What Makes the Eagle Aluminium Sliding Windows Different?

Structural Integrity

The sliding windows we design showcase excellent structural integrity to ensure better safety and security. As a high-quality maker of aluminium window frames in Melbourne, we use a 55mm aluminium frame system that comes with transom profiles and slimline mullion to ensure maximum glass area for the windows.

Uniquely Designed for Weather Tightness

The sliding windows comes with sash weather seals to ensure effective weather tightness. You can also choose our glazing adaptors and advance your efforts for energy efficiency and weatherproofing.

Customer-Friendly Lock Options

Our sliding windows give the convenience of a single key for all your vent and window locks. It means that you can slightly keep the window open and lock it to ensure both security and ventilation together. Do you need flyscreens to prevent mosquitos and other insects from entering your home? We have an amazing range of screens that can suit all our doors and windows.

Customisation Options

At Eagle Aluminium, we give highest priority to customisation to give you different choices based on your unique needs. We offer our sliding windows in five different standard colours and special colours upon request. We however specialise in custom made sizes & designs.

A Companion to Your Energy Efficiency Efforts

Eagle Aluminium also works on providing the optimal energy efficiency benefits to our esteemed customers through our windows and doors. While selecting your product, you can also choose a double glazed sliding window option to ensure optimised climate control inside your home. With two panes of glass for the windows, you efficiently reduce the heat loss and assist making your energy bills come down.

Take the Benefits of Sliding Windows to Your Home Today

Do you want to experience the unique benefits of Eagle Aluminium’s sliding windows and add a positive vibe to your home? Get in touch with us today at (03) 9758 5411 or connect with us and explore your options.