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Aluminium Sliding Doors in Melbourne

Aluminium sliding doors in Melbourne

Eagle Aluminium sliding doors are secure, practical and easy to use. Aluminium sliding doors not only look smart but they also protect your home by providing a sturdy, secure access point. These products are durable and are perfect for residential and commercial purposes because they are easy to use and maintain. Minimal proactive maintenance is required. Simply fit, install and use as intended.

Our range of aluminium sliding doors in melbourne are mounted on a track which allows for a smooth rolling action for easy operation. You can optimise how you section areas of your home or workplace while being smarter about your storage capacity needs. Sliding functionality makes great use of space without providing limitations for more narrow spaces that would be at a disadvantage with swinging hinges.

The roller system is non-corrosive and is also designed to allow all moving parts to function without scraping or damaging internal components. Inferior alternatives tend to drag and can damage the outer surfaces of the frame, which leads to excessive wear and shortened product lifespan. We want you to enjoy a premium product that is easy to work with and versatile enough to be used in a variety of residential and commercial settings.

This system is also capable of multiple configurations. The sliding feature can cater for a number of specific uses. Its sturdy 92mm aluminium frame also accommodates integrated fly screen and security door options.

For your peace-of-mind we offer a Lockwood Onyx lock which incorporates advanced security and safety features including twin locking beaks for additional security.

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