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Custom Aluminium Windows In Rowville

We offer quality custom aluminium doors and windows in Rowville for both commercial and residential applications. Whether it be for sliding, stacked, or bifold doors or windows, we offer premium aluminium solutions that are affordable and will save you money.

Why our sliding windows and doors?

The first of many advantages that our windows and doors have is to do with the aluminium frame. Being of a lightweight and sturdy structure, the frames effectively maximise window space, which means more unobstructed views and more natural light. The frames are weather sealed to create a better climate control indoors. This acts as effective insulation, meaning less money lost on energy bills and more comfortable temperatures indoors. The combination of double-glazing can lead to even greater savings and provide less noise pollution inside the home.

Why Eagle Aluminium?

Made with the highest quality non-corrosive components, our windows and doors are designed to perform day in, day out. With additional features for greater security and insect deterrence, we provide all your total door and window needs. Eagle Aluminium strives to create a large array of colours and configurations. This means that no matter the layout of your house, there is always an Eagle Aluminium solution.

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If you would like aluminium doors or windows in Rowville, contact us today on (03) 9758 5411.