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Platinum french door

Inspire your living space with Eagle Aluminium’s high performance platinum french doors. The Platinum hinged door features semi-commercial profiles, which follows the architectural trend to home to have commercial features.

Design with your needs in mind

The Platinum range of french doors feature a substantial 125mm framing system to provide the strength and performance required in high-end architectural applications. Uncompromising high performance mechanisms and components, including stainless steel butt hinges and strong flush bolts that secure the door panels, are integrated into the design of Eagle’s aluminium. The inherent strength of the Platinum system allows for large semi-commercial configurations whilst still delivering a residential aesthetic, not possible with commercial systems.

Eagle Aluminium platinum hinged door system offers a multitude of design options from single open-in or open-out doors, to fully and semi-glazed variants and even solid panelised options.

The Platinum hinged door system features smooth flat sash profiles with an integrated bead line and rounded nose to achieve a modern yet classic appearance. This same feature is carried through the Platinum awning and casement to deliver the same aesthetic throughout the range.

Security locks & handles give added protection. Our aluminium French doors allow for the addition of security doors that can be fitted internally or externally. An aluminium security door protects your home, family and possessions without compromising on style.

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