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Platinum French Doors in Melbourne

Sliding Doors

Platinum French Doors

French doors are a primary choice for many people, especially when they think of main entrance doors. French doors ensure excellent lighting, easy and wide access for people to walk through it, sleek designs, and more. Apart from exterior access, people also use French doors as interior doors for better space usage.

Eagle Aluminium has a portfolio of platinum French doors fitting to both individual houses and commercial buildings. We design our platinum French doors by following the latest architectural trends and ensure long-term durability. Our French doors follow a number of characteristics that distinguish us from other products available on the market.

Contemporary and Unique Designs

The French doors come with a 125mm framing system that offers wide-range of architectural applications and produces greater strength. The modern and the simple designs of the door perfectly matches with your professional business atmosphere. Therefore, when you install the door at home, you actually bring the professional business appeal to your home.

The hinged door system employs flat sashes with a rounded nose and integrated bed line. It gives a modern, classic appearance to your home and office. The semi-commercial design style of our French doors makes it suitable for your residential as well as commercial property needs.

Made From High-Quality Hardware

The door is made from high-quality aluminium, glass panes, and other strong materials. It ensures long-term durability for the door and advances your efforts for better security. As a highly-experienced Melbourne based manufacturer of French doors, we use powerful hardware and components to ensure excellent security with our door system.

The time-tested hardware also advances the aesthetic appeal of the French doors. The components and high-performance mechanisms, such as sturdy flush bolts and stainless-steel butt hinges, ensure better security to your properties. The hardware and components also provide better insulation and help you to achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Excellent Customisation Options

The Eagle Aluminium French doors provide you excellent customisation options with colour, size, and configuration. You can choose the French doors in five standard colours and special colour upon request. There are seven standard configuration options and 12 different size choices. We however we specialise in custom made sizes & designs.

Eagle Aluminium give our customers a modification option to add a security door to their French door. By choosing this option, you can ensure comprehensive security to your property and improved weatherproofing to support your energy efficiency efforts.

Bring the Aesthetic Feel and Security to Your Properties Today

Bring the classic French door design style to your home and experience the added level of security by choosing Eagle Aluminium platinum French doors. Feel free to approach us today at (03) 9758 5411 and let us know your preferences. We can guide you to get your ideal French door with quotes.