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Platinum Awning Windows

Platinum Awning

Attractive, modern aesthetics characterise Eagle Aluminium’s Platinum Awning Windows. We aim to add inspiration to your main living space with high performance and energy efficient Platinum aluminium awning windows that allows controlled airflow into the home by leaving the awning window partially open without letting in the elements.

Design with your needs in mind

The Platinum Awning Window features a 125mm framing system that when applied to high end architectural designs will provide additional strength and performance. The Platinum system allows for large semi-commercial configurations coupled with a residential impression, uncommonly seen in commercial systems.

Seals that run along the perimeter of the window to prevent air and water leakage, as well as enhance the window’s energy performance. Our aluminium frame conceals most of the winder, leaving you with a clean and enhanced appearance.

The Platinum Awning Window system features smooth flat sash profiles with an integrated bead line and rounded nose to achieve a modern yet classic appearance throughout. Capable of accommodating large high performance double glazing and able to achieve single sashes of up to 2100mm in height, the Platinum Awning represents a class of its own in respect to style and performance. Eagle Aluminium offer a neatly integrated fly screen to suit all our awning windows.

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