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Double Glazed Windows

Aluminium Double Glazed Windows Melbourne

Double-glazed windows are popular across the globe due to its special benefits. At Eagle Aluminium, we produce aluminium double glazed windows with a unique design to ensure energy-efficient homes and commercial spaces. When the world is marching towards solutions that care about nature, we contribute our part in the form of window glazing in Melbourne.

What is a Double Glazed Window?

It is a technique in which an additional pane of glass is used in a single window system. The external pane and internal pane are separated by a space. Eagle Aluminium fills this space with some gas or leave it as vacuum. It means that the external climatic conditions and sound have to pass through both the glass layers and the vacuum space to enter interior of a building.

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

As a leading fabricator of double glazed windows in Melbourne, our products are designed to produce specific results.

Better Temperature Regulation

The double-glazed window structure with a vacuum space between panes ensures external extreme climatic conditions do not enter the interior of the home. It is more helpful during the winter season, as the external cold climate cannot enter the home. Similarly, the heat of the interior air would not be lost to external climatic conditions as the double glazed windows act as insulators to the temperature.

Soundproofing Benefits

With two layers of window panes, the windows produce excellent soundproofing benefits. It means that you can avoid the external sound pollution and restrict the sounds from interior going out.

Energy Efficiency

With better capacity to maintain the interior temperature and preventing external cold climate from entering, double glazed windows reduce the heating requirements of your home during winter. Therefore, you generate better savings on energy bills and contribute to nature conservation.

Added Safety

Compared to single glazed windows, double glazes are hard to break. Therefore, people who use double glazed windows ensure better security and safety to their homes and commercial buildings.

Double Glazed Window Options at Eagle Aluminium

At Eagle Aluminium, we are committed to producing results that can enhance the energy performance of your home or commercial building. You can choose all our window and door products and ask for an additional layer of glaze, and we are happy to make it for you at an affordable price.

Call Us Today for Choosing Double Glazed Windows

Do you wish produce some long-term results in terms of energy conservation and safety? Call us today on (03) 9758 5411, and we will figure out your requirements and provide you accurate solutions. You can also connect with us online with your questions.

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