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Doors Range

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors Eagle Aluminium sliding doors are secure, practical…
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Multi Stacking  Doors

Multi Stacking Doors

Multi Stacking door The multi stacking door is the most…
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Platinum Sliding  Doors

Platinum Sliding Doors

Platinum Sliding door Inspire your living space with Eagle Aluminium’s…
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Platinum French Doors

Platinum French Doors

Platinum french door Inspire your living space with Eagle Aluminium’s…
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Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors Aluminium bifold doors have quickly become the new…
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900 Series Doors

900 Series Doors

900 Series Sliding door 900 Series aluminium sliding doors are…
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Eagle Aluminium has been providing Melbourne homes and businesses with high quality, stylish and affordable aluminium sliding, French, bifold, and doors for over two decades.

Our range is designed to be visually appealing, functional, appropriately priced, and suitable for any home in and around Melbourne.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors are one of the best ways to open up the home without compromising on space. Suitable for almost all homes and safe for families, aluminium sliding doors are also easy to maintain, easy to clean and are able to be fitted with our popular security flydoors.


An extension of our aluminium sliding doors, where several door panels slide back into the space of a single panel, multi-stacked doors are perfect for increasing access between the interior and exterior of the home, such as when entertaining.

Platinum Sliding

This design has a more commercial feel and is larger and heavier duty than our standard aluminium sliding doors, which is more suitable for domestic situations. These let in a lot of light and suit architecturally designed homes that have a clean or minimalist aesthetic.

Platinum French Doors

French doors have a timeless sense of style while allowing air and light inside the home when open. Our platinum French doors are made with a double pane of glass for increased insulation, strength and style. These are often chosen when space is more plentiful so that the two door panels can swing wide open for access to another room or the outdoors.

Bifold Doors

All Eagle Aluminium bifold doors are custom made to suit a specific environment. Bifold doors provide the most amount of openness between the interior and exterior of a home, however they require a little space to store the collapsed door panels. These are also very suitable for both domestic and commercial areas where the outdoors and indoors share spaces.

Aluminium Security Doors

To ensure your home and property is secure, an intruder will not easily compromise Eagle’s aluminium security models. These security models can also be fitted to multitask and aluminium sliding doors with flyscreens, a variety of panel widths and lockable latches.

Custom Designs and Fittings

Our design team will work with your vision to create products that perfectly match your new homes' aesthetic and function.

Capral 900 Series Sliding Door

The ultimate in architectural contemporary aluminium sliding doors, the 900 series is a smooth and elegant single-paned sliding door that will allow a great deal of light to enter the room. It will also provide floor to ceiling access between indoor and outdoor environments.

Suitable for larger spaces, these models are made from lightweight aluminium and can be manufactured up to three metres in width.

Our team is always looking to apply our considerable knowledge and skill to new projects. For more information on our range of windows, or to get a quote, contact Eagle Aluminium by telephone on 03 9758 5411 or contact us online.