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Bifold Doors

Sliding Doors

Aluminium Bifold Doors

People who appreciate the highest level of opening capability and natural light access prefer bifold doors as exterior-access doors. Eagle Aluminium offers stylish aluminium bifold doors with excellent customisation and quality making.

In general, bifold doors are used as an accessing door to patios, to create an extension, and much more. People who have a garden on their property also use bifold doors to access their garden from the interior.

Characteristics of a Bifold Door

Bifold doors showcase a number of characteristics and benefits compared to other doors:

  • Excellent natural lighting interior due to the maximum opening capability.
  • A seamless view of the exterior.
  • Modern appeal to the property
  • Low and easy maintenance as it is mostly built in single frame
  • Appeals with a contemporary look.
  • Ensures a high level of security and safety with sophisticated bifold systems and hardware
  • Showcases excellent thermal efficiency and weatherproofing capabilities

The Unique Features of Bifold Doors

Our bifold doors are uniquely designed to combine both outdoor and indoor living. With the folding options of the aluminium bifold doors, you can effectively convert exterior portions of the property as interior and use it. You will also find the external bifold doors from Eagle Aluminium can add value to your property.

The bifold doors also offer great customisation options. You can ask for bifold doors with different configurations from two-panel doors to seven-panel doors. We however we specialise in custom made sizes & designs.

The doors also offer adequate security with a sturdy structure and unique hardware designed by Centor. The top-rolling mechanism of the bifold door employs a smooth operation and offers you both outward and inward folding.

Do you want to contribute to nature and create an energy-efficient home? We can help you to reduce the energy bills of your home using smart double window glazing option. The additional layer of window pane will insulate the door further and works great against heat loss during winter.

Explore the Benefits Bifold Doors, Call Us Today

Choose bifold doors from Eagle Aluminium and explore the ways you can use both exterior and interior spaces efficiently. Call us today on (03) 9758 5411 or connect with us to know more about the doors and pricing.