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Awning Windows

Sliding Doors

Aluminium Awning Windows

Awning windows are a trendsetter across the world to improve the aesthetic and contemporary feel of a home. These windows are known for producing a sturdy performance with its open-outward design. Eagle Aluminium provides an excellent range of aluminium awning windows with customisation options in terms of colour, size, and configuration.

Benefits of Awning Windows

Year-Round Ventilation and Weatherproofing

Since the windows are opening from the bottom with hinges on top, it offers all-year ventilation even during the rainy season. The awning windows are designed to produce no water leakage into the property with its design. It means that you get chances to enjoy fresh air at your home or office even during rainy seasons.


Awning windows offer greater customisation compared to other windows available on the market. Since it can be installed at different heights, including being close to the roof, you can find your décor better accommodating the inside of the rooms they are installed in. It also gives more flexibility to your décor. Compared to other windows, awning windows can ensure more light entering the room.

Better privacy and security

Since these windows can be placed on top of the walls, it offers you better safety and privacy while providing more natural light and ventilation. Awning windows are a perfect choice for bedrooms and bathrooms to enhance the ventilation.

Room for Diverse Designs

Since these windows can be installed high as well as low on walls, you have diverse design options available to change the look of your home. You can group awning windows and improve the airflow and visual appeal.

Unique Features of Eagle Aluminium Awning Windows

With modern-style or flat-face sashes, Eagle Aluminium windows showcases the excellent strength and wide range of architectural styles. The sturdy sashes produce better weather tightness and offer improved climate control inside the home. Our windows are coming with fully enclosed chain winder and produce secure locking.

At Eagle Aluminium, we make extra efforts to enhance the functionalities of the windows we produce. You can choose optional double glazing to enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office. It is also a great option to block noise pollution if you are living in a busy suburb. We can also add flyscreens to your aluminium awning windows based on your needs.

Different Colours, Sizes, and Configuration

We provide awning windows in five different standard colours, but provide custom colours on request. When it comes to the configuration, you can choose your desired product from eight types of awning window designs. Each of these eight designs are available in seven different sizes for better selection. We however specialise in custom made sizes & designs.

Call Us Today for Your Awning Windows

To ensure excellent ventilation throughout the year and improve the architectural appeal of your home, install aluminium awning windows in your property. Call us today at (03) 9758 5411 or connect with us online to know how the windows can fit your home needs.