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Awning Windows

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Aluminium Awning Windows in Melbourne

Eagle Aluminium awning windows are a perennial favourite for complementing any home with the elegance of an uninterrupted pane of glass. When you have a brilliant view, why not flaunt it? Our range of awning windows are stylish, functional, and sturdy.


Aluminium Awning Windows in Melbourne combine the strength and substance of a 55mm aluminium frame system with slim line mullion and transom profiles for maximised glass areas. Optional double glazing and the choice of either a flat face or period style sash allows the window to cater to a range of architectural styles. High quality sash weather seals improve weather tightness and with the use of optional glazing adaptors, the awning window can be double glazed to offer an enhanced level of thermal comfort and performance.

Climate control is an important consideration for the modern home. Ideally, you want to reduce your heating and cooling expenses by ensuring that your awning windows are properly sealed to prevent excessive heat loss. Also, by double glazing the glass you have the additional benefits of a surface that is insulated against loud noises. This is ideal if you live in a busy suburb or near open roads where traffic and other noise pollution may disturb the peace.

For a versatile residential window solution you should invest in our patented hook hinge system because it is the standard choice for lockable winders. Security should be a top priority which is why we provide a fully enclosed chain winder that prevents tampering and will shut securely via a keyed lock. We can also integrate fly screens to suit all of our awning windows.

Order Your Awning Windows From Eagle Aluminium

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