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Aluminium Security Doors for your Property in Melbourne

Eagle Aluminium designs aluminium security doors in melbourne in Melbourne that are ideal for Australian conditions. We have been in business since 1979, offering all Australians quality, reliable and affordable home access and safety products.


Our aluminium security sliding doors are designed to protect your property, allowing you to feel safe whilst also bringing the outside inside. Eagle’s security sliding doors are designed using a 'top hung system which means that all weight is carried by two trolley hangers, allowing for smooth and easy movement.

All aluminium security sliding doors come with a wide range of options, including:

  • Lockable latches
  • Two, three or four panels
  • Variety of colours
  • Double window glazing

Our products are durable, easy to clean and require no painting. Simply clean security doors by wiping a damp cloth.

For more information about how you can protect your property while remaining stylish, contact us today on (03) 9758 5411.


When choosing aluminium security doors for your home, you will likely come across many outdated, unsightly options that will keep you safe but simply don’t complement the aesthetics of your home. We know that aesthetics and design are important, which is why Eagle offers multi-stacking aluminium security doors that allow customers to have sleek and contemporary look, whilst also maintaining safety.

All of the multi stacking security doors from our Melbourne warehouse are available with a range of options to let you customise according to your style and needs, including:

  • Flyscreens
  • Three or six panel configurations
  • Variety of panel widths
  • Lockable latches

Multi stacking options are durable, easy to clean and available in a variety of sizes to suit almost any space.


All our products are made in Australia from reliable and quality materials designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring your property is kept safe and secure. For more information, contact Eagle today on (03) 9758 5411.