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Custom-made Aluminium Windows & Doors in Melbourne

Are you searching for stylishly designed aluminium windows and doors for your home? Or do you think that the addition of some highly-durable and custom-made sliding doors and windows can improve the atmosphere of your home?

Eagle Aluminium has a portfolio of windows and doors that can add value to your home or office and give a fresh feel to it. Being a leading supplier of aluminium windows in Melbourne, we explore ways to give diversely styled windows and doors with excellent durability and at affordable rates to our customers.

What Makes Us Different?

High-Quality Making

At Eagle Aluminium, we source and use high-quality Australian made materials for our window and door making. Our aluminium windows and doors are Australian Standard AS2047 certified for stringent quality. It means that every component of the doors and windows, including locks, rollers, frame members, and more, are designed to produce excellent durability and showcase greater weather resistance.

Contemporary Designs

We highly recommend that you should get contemporary windows and doors that can greatly fit the current-day architectural requirements. Be it platinum French doors or 950 sliding windows, all our products perfectly compliment the visual feel of your home.


Our high-quality products also give better results when their comes to energy efficiency. The windows and doors provide adequate ventilation and prevent water from entering the home. These windows and doors can also be recycled. With fewer maintenance needs and excellent durability, you can take extra care to protect the nature by choosing Eagle Aluminium products.

Our Product Lines

At Eagle Aluminium, we continue to expand our product portfolio that can address diverse customer needs. Currently, we offer the following lines of products:

Aluminium Doors

We supply sturdy, lightweight, and aesthetically appealing aluminium doors in striking colours. You can get normal sliding glass doors to 900 series sliding doors based on your requirements. Apart from different colour choices, you can also select the configuration and sizes of your choice. The range of doors available from us gives you better choices in terms of the benefits they produce, the visual appeal they add to the home, and more.

Aluminium Windows

As one of the leading window suppliers in Melbourne, we design, produce, and supply windows that can ensure continuous airflow in various angles. The windows are designed to make use of natural light efficiently and ensure energy conservation at a high level. We also design custom-made architectural windows also based on the requirements of the customers.

Performance Windows and Doors

At Eagle Aluminium, we also produce performance doors and windows that ensure optimal energy efficiency. With new glazing and framing, we ensure heat and sunlight that is naturally trapped inside homes and reduces your energy bills. We produce windows and doors with double glazing and low e-glazing to provide the best results in terms of energy conservation. Therefore, you can contribute to nature while getting year-round comfort by using the performance windows and doors.

Call Us Today, Give a Fresh Look and Feel to Your Home

Do you want to advance the aesthetic appeal of your home while ensuring better security and caring the nature? Call us today at (03) 9758 5411 or connect with us online.