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Eagle is the leader in Melbourne when it comes to aluminium sliding doors and windows.

Our products have long been recognised for their durability, ease of maintenance and value for money.

No matter what look you're after for your home, Eagle can give you the right advice and practical experience when installing aluminium sliding windows and doors.

Doors and Windows

Lightweight, rigid and durable with a defining look and available in a choice of colours, the new generation of aluminium French doors, sliding doors, windows and window frames are functional as well as a being aesthetically pleasing. They require no painting, and a simple wipe down usually restores them to original condition.

We have a wide range of sliding doors and windows from which to choose. Each has distinct advantages, and offer features such as large glass areas, clean lines and ventilation by a simple slide of a sash. Awning windows are hinged at the top, which is great for maintaining airflow even during rainy days.

Casement windows add a touch of class and are fantastic for taking advantage of cross breezes by opening a room up to the outdoors. We also have a great security door range and our aluminium sliding doors are second to none.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

Window materials and designs can vary but quality should not. It's not enough that a window looks good, provides suitable ventilation and is easy to maintain - it must also perform. That's why Eagle does not compromise on functionality.

A window should:

Australian Standard AS2047 covers the performance requirements of windows or security doors for these criteria. Every product Eagle installs has been tested and conforms to AS2047 and is labelled as such as an assurance of quality.

As climate change becomes an increasing concern, so does energy efficiency. That's why we offer our customers high performance aluminium sliding doors, windows and French doors to optimise a home's energy rating. Eagle can help you meet or exceed energy efficiency standards.

Window Glazing

Window glazing can create a space insulated from noise as well as cold. These thermal and acoustic insulating properties use a gas or vacuum within the glass to provide efficient insulation without compromising light from the outdoors. Window glazing can keep heat in or out of a home for greater comfort and increased energy efficiency, without losing your view, including with our French doors.

950 Sliding Window

Window glazing can also take the form of tinted or reflective windows for added privacy and environmental control. Tinted window glazing also reduces solar heat gain and all window glazing reduces intrusive external noise - essential in a city like Melbourne.

Eagle Aluminium provides:

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